Chamotte Pavilion
Temporary pavilion for a passionate ceramists

They say it's impossible to mix friendship and work. I completely disagree with this opinion. For a long time, I've been friends with the ceramic studio Chamotte Bakery, and I was really happy to have an opportunity to work with them. They asked me to design a pavilion for them for a gastronomic festival. I made the first draft while we were chatting and drinking coffee in a café. Then, at home, I made a proper sketch. After its approval, I developed an installation diagram, a construction solution and calculated costs, so that it would be easy to assemble the pavilion in Sochi. Numerous details are attached to the wooden lath. They tell the story of a handmade plate, which goes all the way from ceramicist's hands to the kiln operating at 1200 C, and finally to the table, where it becomes a true treasure and gem.
Photo: Alexandr Hitko

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