Nomadic space of experiences in the ordinary Moscow district
Tutor: Totan Kuzembaev
Assistants: Natalia Kuzmina, Sergey Shoshin

It is known that for good physical and mental health you need to walk at least 40 minutes per day. Labyrinth is a space of experience in between point A and point B. Like an encyclopedia of spatial feeling, the space immerses metropolitan dwellers in nomadic sensations. Echo, Thicket, Forest Sky, Rough, Smooth, Moss, Prairie, Grotto, Bridge, Well, Lake, Solitude, Observation, Dead end, Fireplace - all the things that Nomads meet on their path. Labyrinth is located in a neighborhood in Moscow intersecting with many different routes such as between the subway and one's home, or from the subway to the supermarket. Thus the walkthrough could be combined with the way to work or home, that thousand of people are doing everyday. The trees planted around the perimeter help the recovery of a person.

Irrigated fields were organised here to expell Moscow's sewage. Until 1978 the sewage filtered through the sand flowing into the Moskva River. By the time Kuryanovskaya aeration station was put into operation, this area had accumulated millions of cubic meters of sewage.
Basis of my project
I think that modern city needs a place where you can spend 40 minutes and feel the sensations experienced by nomads during their life. The feelings that are not available to residents of big cities. The Labyrinth provides a space where people will be able to improve their physical and mental health.
Plan of Labyrinth

Seasonality is one of the main aspect. In winter the lake transformed into a skating rink. So it is fully functional in all seasons. Fireplace is a place for lighting fire in nomadic tents. The community gather around the fireplace to discuss vital questions. Amphitheatre as a metaphor of a fireplace serves the same function. In addition, this is the place for performance. Also it has a great view of the labyrinth from the top. 80 columns represent a dense forest, a place where you can wander around and sort out thoughts. Here you can get lost or find yourself.
The measures show that pedestrians pass this part of the track in 1.5-2 minutes. I offered several options for the routes The final one is a recovery 40-minutes route.

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