Lakeside pavilion
A short story about a problem of a lack of drinking water

Belarus, my motherland, is also known as a «Country of lakes».
After visiting «Lakeside pavillion» visitors of the pavillion will be able to learn more not only about the lakes and rivers of Belarus, but also about the global problem of lack of fresh water. There are 4 tanks for collecting rainwater, that will demonstrate purification, storage and use of water.
Lake Narach is the largest lake in Belarus.
It is part of the Narach lake group.
The pavillion will be located in the center of Minsk, where there is also a problem with recreational zones and places for relaxation. Therefore, I've placed different wooden benches around the entire perimeter of the Lakeside pavillion.
There is a contrast between the materials used: rusty metal and bright wood, architectural concrete and u-glass walls. This way pavillion will perfectly fits into the urban environment.

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