Scientific canyon and Space exploration center
Tutor: Valentin Sokol

The theme of my 5th year diploma was the reconstruction of the planetarium in Minsk. It represents 2 things that interest me: architecture and space. Project place is the territory of Gorky Park. An old wooden theater was situated there before. Wasteland was left after the theater had been burnt.
During this project I worked with the administration of the planetarium. Due to their help I discovered that the Planetarium had long been in need of a new building and needed to expand area a 4 times. I suggest creating not just an additional building or superstructure but a unique complex, a scientific canyon. The canyon is dug in the park. The walls are strengthened and veneered. The pavilions themselves are made on the foundation of Fuller dome.
All pavilions are matching the planets in the solar system. Each pavilion have its purpose: research library, museum, a repository for the collection of asteroids and meteorites, cafes, educational classes and more.

Neptune is molecular café. All planetarium visitors and citizens can visit it. I choose molecular cafe because of gastronomy and science combination.

Science library with book collection is planned in Saturn pavilion. The rings of Saturn is external Console, where you can sit, drink coffee and read a book.

Uranus is an important place for those who are engaged in professional astronomy - there are a conference room, training lab and so on.

Jupiter is designed for an interactive museum with permanent and changing exhibitions, related to astronomy, and also physics, chemistry.

The Sun is a building of a new planetarium. Science and astronomy museum is situated there.
The canyon walls are strengthened, cemented, and after that "rock" revetment. There are "cracks" in the rocks. Here you can find hidden benches and the entrances to some pavilions. Minor planets provides entries to communication bridges that provides communication at all levels of the park. Each planet is highlighted in a different color.
The main road leading to the planetarium is called the Moon Walk. Under the reinforced toughened glass there is an imitation of the moon craters. So the visitor can feel like a real astronaut.

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