Red House
But we could still envision a house for her, that very house she didn't envision herself
Team: Olga Bumagina, Tatiana Sharova

Competition ICARCH "A House for Zaha Hadid"

Zaha Hadid always declared that she was inspired by the Russian avant-garde, primarily Malevich, since youth. She dedicated her school diploma project to him. This project didn't refer to the painting itself. Hadid used Suprematist structures in architecture. We assumed that she liked the volumizing "Red House" by Malevich. The architect returns to his creative roots as people return to the place where they grew up. The famous architect led a rather ascetic life. We see the house for Zaha Hadid rather simple. The mountains, the sea and the red house, coming live from the picture of the great artist.

"Red House"
Kazimir Malevich

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